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Pay Per Click campaigns

PPC is also an effective advertising on search engines due to the targeting a specific audience. In the case of sponsored links are seekers currently offered by your service or product.

Payment for sponsored links is charged per click and dependent on other competing ads.

On page hit only users interested in what is offered to them. This is due to specifying the precise terms to which your ad will appear (in the case of advertising in the search box), and the topics of web pages on which the boxes will be published

The campaign can be freely modified in the course of its duration – to change the content of ad slot, add or remove keyphrases, change the budget.

We will instantly configure your campaign. Link to your website will be higher than other competing ads and will appear above the organic results. SEMSEI’s effective marketing actions will bring you a return on investment.

Often, it turns out that the cost of sponsored links campaigns supported by a professional is even several times lower compared to the same campaign, which previously ran other agency.

PPC campaigns prices

If you want effective PPC campaign – you need to choose a proper strategy and package. Our specialists are always available to advise and help in making the right choice. If you take advantage of our suggestions, the selected combination package and strategy will certainly be optimal.