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Search engine optimisation

SEO is an advertise presented 24 hours a day. At any moment your potential customers can reach to your website by typing into the search box the phrase defining offer – services or products. Our task is to choose those keywords that will help to gain as much valuable traffic that will result in an increase in your income.

Local (regional) Search Engine Optimisation

When you offer your goods or services in the region, locally – within a given city – it is worth investing in this type of positioning … Internet users often enter phrases such as “service name + city name”, eg. “laptops london”.

SEO Long Tail

Potential customers come to the search box by typing in a specific, carefully defined phrases. Wide positioning also known as broad long tail applies mostly to shops and portals, but we can perform well in the case of very extensive site. The advantage of this type of positioning is to improve the position even in terms of several hundred or several thousand phrases, quickly reached the position and to generate a conversion – the purchase of goods or to send your inquiry.

SEO PR – Search Engine Optimisation Public Relations

It is a combination of online public relations, copywriting and web positioning – set position of the parties with positive information (texts on the page, press notes) relating to the company in terms of a phrase describing its name, product or service. It aims to eliminate any negative information, building and enhancing brand awareness among business partners and customers.

What will we do to place your webpage in TOP 10 in search engines and get for you more clients?

Why you should choose SEMSEI?

Thanks to our experience, efficiency and obtained SEO results – we will increase your company’s ability to find by customers via search engines, especcialy in Google. Increasing customer base and turnover of your company will be much easier.

Our goal is not to reach the place of the first page of results, only the first position.

To obtain an individual SEO offer, send us your domain address and proposed phrases (without any suggestions we will choose them based on the website content and keyword analysis).

Depending on your needs, budget and the competiveness of the phrases we will advise the optimal SEO strategy.