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Search Engine Marketing

We can start your company adventure on the Internet – from choosing for you domain name and hosting, creating a website to advertising your website in search engines (SEO, PPC) and social networking sites (SMO, PPC).

Our specialization is search engine optimisation – we know very well what people can search, how they can find your company through search engines. We will help you catch more clients from the Web.


SEO is an advertise presented 24 hours a day. At any moment your potential customers can reach to your website by typing into the search box the phrase defining offer – services or products. Our task is to choose those keywords that will help to gain as much valuable traffic that will result in an increase in your income.


PPC is also an effective advertising on search engines due to the targeting a specific audience. In the case of sponsored links are seekers currently offered by your service or product. Payment for sponsored links is charged per click and dependent on other competing ads.


Websites created by us are based on CMS, which means that anyone can easily manage content without knowledge of programming skills. Editing is the same like in Microsoft Word or Open Office – you can add pages, update of content, format text, add graphics or animations and execute many other useful functions.

If you are interested in our services please contact us and we will tell you all about opportunities for your company.

We will do you good… advertising on the Internet!